Please join us in welcoming the newest members of the WGSS Program!

photo of Autumn

Autumn Chidester, she/her/hers

Student Admin Trainee

Research and Hobbies: Video games (mostly Animal Crossing: New Leaf as of currently), listening to music, drawing, as well as playing Dungeons and Dragons. I’ll also be trying to teach myself how to play the kalimba soon! As far as academics go, I go to a study group/tea hour when the semester’s on, and I edit the WGSS website, as well as post on our social media.

Favorite Thing About WGSS: The welcoming environment! It’s always nice to come in and greet everyone since I’m one of the first few people to come in. I also love the flexibility between my class schedule and my work schedule.

photo of Ariana

Ariana Reilly Codr, Ph.D, she/her/hers

Assistant Professor in Residence

Research and Hobbies: My research focuses on gender and narrative—especially the stories we tell about who, what, and how we love. When I am not teaching or working on my research, I enjoy gardening, cats, and reading.   

Favorite Thing About WGSS: Without a doubt, the best part of WGSS so far has been the people—my colleagues and students!

photo of mick

Mick Powell, she/her/hers

Assistant Professor in Residence

Research and Hobbies: My research and creative practice focus on queer black feminist poetics, experiences and narratives of violence, and histories of feminist art. My hobbies include reading and writing poetry, making playlists, making collages, and spending time with my wife and our dog! 

Favorite Thing About WGSS: My favorite thing about the WGSS Program is that it feels like home. So grateful to be surrounded by such incredible students and colleagues/collaborators!

photo of CourtneyCourtney Sak, she/her/hers

Program Assistant

Research and Hobbies: I am an avid reader, I love historical fiction in particular; trying cuisine from around the world; spending time with my family and cultivating a love/hate relationship with running.

Favorite Thing About WGSS: I am currently in my sixth month of working as a Program Assistant for WGSS. I can honestly say I have never worked in a place where the team around me is brimming with individuals who are genuinely kind and supportive. It makes me proud to show up each and every day!


Cover Photo by sum+it from Pexels