Artist Statement: My intention in this photo was to represent the untouched beauty of the everyday person. There are a lot of people who do big things with their lives, but I wanted to show the importance of any imperfect individual person. The subject of my photograph is a mom in her 50s who isn’t a celebrity, but she still has an important life. She has wrinkles and her hair is turning grey, and I wanted to show how natural and beautiful it is to just be a normal woman.

Bio: Willa Kulynych-Griffith is a photographer who uses the pronouns she/her. Willa is a junior at Simsbury High School and has been studying photography for about two years now. Willa works with a variety of subject matters, but her main focus is on portraiture and telling a story with her photographs. Willa is thrilled to have her piece published in this issue.

Cover Photo by Elina Krima from Pexels