Am I allowed to dream in color?
Allowed to break bread with another?
Send peace untouched to distant lovers?
As you stroke with vibrant hues
May I stroke with what doesn’t mimic monotone?

Am I allowed to dream on the unprecedented?
As you look to the future
I fear tomorrow
Colors of depravity fog the sun
Leaving me to reside forlornly

My words fall to deaf ears
As if I spoke unjustly
But just as you
I long to be
Until my plea hangs unfettered
I pray it doesn’t rest with society’s monochrome


Artist Statement: Dream in Color is a poem that speaks for those who live silently. Everything that makes us whole can crumble in an instant when we are fed negativity. Dreams, or even the life we live, can become colorless when our environment tears us down to nothingness. Passing lessons can make us feel that the world is monochrome, but it is up to us to overcome these pre-owned nightmares. Feelings/issues faced can oftentimes go beyond individuals; scenarios can become intersectional which leads us to another’s path. In unity, what feels like our darkest hour can be diminished with time forevermore.

Bio: Lesly Nerette, whose pronouns are he/him/his, is a black artist from Bridgeport, Connecticut. Lesly has delved into the world of poetry and art alike several years ago. These days, he focuses on writing to connect with others, grow, and provide healing for not only himself but to those who galavant in the world around him.

Cover Photo by Dương Nhân from Pexels