“I WANT YOU TO REALLY SEE ME.” – Acrylic painting
“Two Strong Femmes” – Ink drawing
“Growing” – Pen and collage


Artist Statement: I tell stories through illustrations that capture moments from my life. When I reach out to you, I want it to mean something. Growing up every word would stay caught in my throat, so I pretended I didn’t hate the silence. I sat where I was expected to; it was much safer to hide than confront myself and others. Now, my art allows me to discover and speak my truth. I utilize my power as a woman and artist to lift other people up, in the hopes of honoring myself and my experiences, as well as theirs.

Bio: Olivia Orlowski (she/her) is a 20 year old multidisciplinary artist from Connecticut. She concentrates her time on storytelling and portraits, while weaving supportive messages and healing work into her art.