Dear friends, feminists, allies, and accomplices,

It is with immense pride that I present our inaugural issue of the Wild Tongue Journal with you. Variability is an intersectional feminist exploration of now–within, we feature works that respond to or reflect on the current moment: the COVID-19 pandemic, the movements for Black lives, the U.S. presidential election, and the “new” world in which we all live. Our contributors tell us the stories of their bodies, their fears, their loves, their homes. They are vulnerable here, and generous with their words and their art. I am endlessly grateful for the work they’ve shared with us, and now, with you.

This publication would not be possible without the dedication of an incredible group of interns, whose commitments to both the journal and intersectional feminist practices has astounded me. Creative, intelligent, innovative, supportive, and adaptable, this team of undergraduate students has worked tirelessly to compose our inaugural issue, all virtually! To Iryiana, Pauline, Claire, Margot, Kelly, Anyel, and Syeda: thank you. Thank you so, so, so much; you should be so proud of yourselves (I certainly am)!

With the utmost sincerity, we would again like to extend gratitude to the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences, the Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies Program, and Interim Director, Dr. Sherry Zane, for their generous support of Wild Tongue

And to you, our readers: we hope you enjoy exploring Variability as much as we’ve enjoyed putting it together. Thank you for being here.

With care and in community,

M. Mick Powell, Editor-in-Chief

Cover Photo Original Art by Mick Powell