Needless to say, the Fall 2020 semester was not what any of us were expecting. The COVID-19 pandemic has changed our day-to-day lives, and the risk posed to public health and safety has undoubtedly sparked major anxiety and unrest. While the pandemic has disrupted our lives in many ways, it has also brought self-reflection.

Having the opportunity to intern for the Wild Tongue Journal has exposed us to beautiful works and deepened our appreciation for art and those who create it. It is important to keep in touch with ourselves and to stay grounded. For many, art is one way to do so, and we are very grateful for those who have shared their art with us. Art unites people, and it is empowering to connect with others during a period of physical isolation.

We hope that this collection of art inspires you as much as it has each of us. The personal exploration within each piece is exemplary of the awakening this year has caused. Through all the turbulence, our understanding and reliance on community has deepened. As you navigate Variability, we hope you both recognize reflections of your own experience, and challenge yourself to engage with unfamiliar perspectives.


Wild Tongue Interns (Fall 2020)

Syeda Anha
Anyel Brizuela
Kelly Deneen
Margot Eversdyke
Claire Giles
Pauline Goetz
Iryiana Rivera

Cover Photo by Saya Kimura from Pexels