Author: Powell, Mick

The Given Heart

                  _____________________________________________________________________________________ Artist Statement: This art piece, titled The Given Heart, is inspired by a mother’s unconditional love, care, and sacrifice for her child through a heart transplant journey. Her unwavering fight and compassion is a testament to how greatly she loves her children. This endless devotion […]

We Never Fell

Artist Statement: This is an original painting, although the hand is a copy of the angel’s in Da Vinci’s Virgin and the Rocks (1494-50). The painting explores my idea that if Eve never ate the apple and ‘we never fell’ then we must still be in Paradise and, therefore, what our culture is doing to the Planet […]

2 Poems

Grand Central Station  My girls and I step onto 5th Ave,      And we don’t know when we’ll be back. It’s home to us, love shared between each other,      As we make love to the city.  Nine months locked up,      And what made me feel alive?  Making our way into […]

Dream in Color

Am I allowed to dream in color? Allowed to break bread with another? Send peace untouched to distant lovers? As you stroke with vibrant hues May I stroke with what doesn’t mimic monotone? Am I allowed to dream on the unprecedented? As you look to the future I fear tomorrow Colors of depravity fog the […]

End of a Poem I Fell Out of Love With

I am the obligatory veggie platter at the party– Waiting to be consumed And only touched when guests don’t know what else to do with their hands. They’ve discovered a discomfort I’ve determined to be mutual, And yet I remain… _____________________________________________________________________________________ Artist Statement: The full version of this poem mainly focuses on abuse, rage, and […]


____________________________________________________________________________________ Artist Statement: My intention in this photo was to represent the untouched beauty of the everyday person. There are a lot of people who do big things with their lives, but I wanted to show the importance of any imperfect individual person. The subject of my photograph is a mom in her 50s who […]

2 Pieces

____________________________________________________________________________________ Artist Statement: As an artist, stories, leftovers and scraps are my life force. I’m a scavenger, telling stories through mixed media art, movement, music, and text to make reimagined meaning from catastrophe. I’m a “Detourist,” embracing unexpected routes as opportunities for creative growth, and the opportunity to build a culture based on empathy and […]


I’ve been stuck inside a cage of my own making, Nails scraping the stone walls Once in pursuit of freedom Now just to mark days gone by I was desperate, staring through the steel bars, Waiting for a kind soul to come, Key in hand, To let me loose Gold, silver, orange with rust None […]

holding on, holding out

i grip onto sanity as hard as i possibly can, my knuckles turning white from the immense amount of effort it takes to hold myself up and prevent myself from falling thousands of feet into the endless pit of madness and despair. from the ashes tell me, is it possible for anyone to rise above […]

Welcome to Wild Tongue, Volume I

Dear friends, feminists, allies, and accomplices, Welcome to the first volume of the Wild Tongue Annual Newsletter presented by the Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies Program at the University of Connecticut! We are publishing this newsletter in a moment that, for many of us, is filled with heartache, anxiety, fear, and uncertainty. A moment that […]